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Exact Printo LLC is a USA- based manufacturers' hub for producing all sorts of Custom Boxes in exquisite style. Your products will no longer have to be wrapped in standard boring boxes.

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Enlighten your Target Audience with Trendy Custom Window Boxes

Packaging boxes play an important role in any product representation in the market. There are multiple reasons why every brand needs a custom box for their product. It could be mainly because of the product’s protection. However, brands look for different and unique kinds of boxes for their products including Custom Window Boxes. These boxes have a stylish representation as there is a window-cut design on the top of the box in various sizes to showcase the product inside. 

Exact Printo is the best place to get your desired Custom Boxes with Window in trendy designs. We have the best manufacturing staff and equipment through which you can get your desired boxes in any shape and size. Our best-looking window boxes will not disappoint you. Get these boxes for any product you want to add inside to achieve brand identification.

Durable Custom Boxes with Window for the Utmost Protection

Custom box packaging is essential for every product to showcase aesthetically in the market. You can increase your sales with the help of innovative Custom Window Packaging Boxes made with sustainable materials. Cardboard, corrugated cardboard, and Kraft boxes are the best kinds of boxes to provide the best safety to any product inside. Also, these boxes keep the products intact. 

Other benefits of choosing these kinds of boxes are that they are eco-friendly. So you can impress your targeted group with these boxes to support environmentally friendly boxes. Exact Printo has a premium collection of such boxes and can also put stylish window-cut designs anywhere on the boxes according to your choice. Our die-cutting machines are highly advanced and can also give the best results of window-cut boxes in any size. 

Impress the Consumers with Exciting Box Designs

Different brands prefer different kinds of boxes. If we talk about Custom Window Box Packaging, then there are various box packaging designs to outshine the products. For instance, you can  put window-cut designs on pillow boxes, gable boxes, tuck-end boxes, bakery boxes, folding boxes, and others as this design is diverse to any type of box. 

You can get any kind of a unique box packaging design here at Exact Printo. We have the best design machines and design staff which can create outstanding box packaging including the best window-cut design. Therefore, you can highlight any kind of a product inside like candles, cosmetics, chocolates, or cakes to grab a consumer’s eye. Get free design assistance to get a plethora of box design ideas to become a famous brand worldwide. 

Outshine your Boxes with the Help of Fascinating Custom Printed Window Boxes


Printed boxes give life to an ordinary packaging box. Brands prioritize putting their brand logos and names on the boxes in attractive font styles to get the most attention from people. Hence, you can create the best Custom Printed Window Boxes made with amazing printing designs to outshine your brand in the market. Many known brands have put their specific brand color theme to become identified around the world. 

Exact Printo can also put the best printing colors and designs on the boxes according to what you desire. We can provide an aesthetic representation through our best printing inks that never come off the boxes easily. Our window boxes along with the printing makes a perfect combination for the attractive boxes for every product. 

Premium Quality Window Packaging Boxes Only for You!

Window boxes have some best advantages like showcasing the product easily in the market. This way, every person can see their desired product properly instead of a printed picture on the box. This tactic helps every brand to provide transparency through window boxes and their products. Do you want to get innovative box packaging with the trendy window-cut design?

Exact Printo has got a versatile box collection where you can come and can get your desired packaging boxes in any shape and size. We have biodegradable boxes which are perfect for the environment and the best way to impress your targeted group. 

Get as many boxes as you want in a reasonable budget. Order now and get free shipping. For more information, contact us via email at support@exactprinto.com. Visit our Instagram page at https://www.instagram.com/exactprinto/ to check out a huge variety of window boxes suitable for every product. 

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